Hi! I am a post-doc researcher in AI interpretability for bio-medical research and discovery. My aim is to discover in what ways AI may bring new knowledge and support to medical physicians and biologists.

I hold a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Geneva and a MPhil in Machine Learning, Speech and Language from the University of Cambridge. I am based in the Swiss French Alps in Switzerland alternating my days between the research labs in Sierre and Zurich.

I define myself as a restless learner. I find benefits in the habit of entering the Zen flow, may it be through coding experiments, writing or painting. I practice benevolence, generosity and loyalty. I am learning abstract painting as self-thought and I share some of my work on this page. I fantasise retiring old and happy with my arts and crafts in the mountains. I can fluently speak English, French and Italian. I would love learning Japanese.

This website hosts a collection and summary of my work, talks and hints on the small habits that keep me living a happy and satisfying life.

AI Explainability for Digital Pathology

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Work with intention and joy

I share here a collection of posts and interesting readings on how to reach a healthy balance between work and private life.

Better saying nothing than anything useless.

The aim of this website is to provide information that is useful.

Feel free to leave feedback. Discussions are welcome. Drop me an email with what you think!


PhD student on AI interpretability for Medical Imaging.

MPhil in Machine Learning and Machine Intelligence

BEng. IT Engineering

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