I research on AI to accelerate bio-medical research and scientific discovery.

I sit on the bridge between applications and technology, with the aim of discovering how AI can enrich our understanding of complex problems. This website hosts a collection and summary of my work, talks and hints on the small habits that keep me living a happy and satisfying life

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Research Scientist IBM Research Europe, Zurich, Switzerland, 2021 – Now
Scientific Research Assistant Hes-so Valais, Sierre, Switzerland, 2016 – Now


Royal Society of Medicine, London, UK, 2023 → “The human-AI horizon in microscopy imaging“;

Banff International Research Station, Banff, Canada, 2022 → “DL Interpretability for the discovery of biomedical patterns” ;

Argonne National Laboratory, Chicago, USA, 2018 → “Regression Concept Vectors for Bidirectional Explanations in AI”


Le Temps 2022, Forum des 100 → Mara Graziani, Chercheuse spécialiste en intelligence artificielle

Le Temps 2022, Tête Chercheuse → Mara Graziani: «Je peux avoir une idée le matin et la tester tout de suite, le jour même» 


A global taxonomy of interpretable AI: unifying the terminology for the technical and social sciences, AI Review Journal 2022

Regression Concept Vectors for Bidirectional Explanations in Histopathology, iMIMIC at MICCAI 2018

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